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Drug Crimes

Illinois Drug Possession Attorneys

Our legal team provides comprehensive criminal defense representation for

misdemeanor and felony drug charges. Our lawyers understand the harsh legal

consequences you may be facing due to your case. We will evaluate your case

from every angle to determine the best course of action.

Skilled Bloomington-Normal Drug Crime Attorneys

Our legal team has handled more than 800 felony drug prosecutions, including

cases involving allegations of a calculated criminal drug conspiracy and

prescription forgery. With nearly 40 years of criminal defense experience,

attorney John P. Schwulst has sophisticated litigation and trial experience. He has

negotiated with the FBI in interstate transportation of drugs cases.

Attorney Todd A. Roseberry has been handling drug cases for 12 years. His

extensive experience enables him to evaluate cases to determine the best course

of action. He understands proper police procedures and reviews every aspect of

his clients' cases to determine civil rights violations.

Our attorneys provide aggressive felony defenses. We take time to learn all the

facts about your arrest, charges, evidence and circumstances. Our proactive

approach enables us to prepare and present the best defense. We are committed

to protecting your rights and minimizing your consequences.

Extensive Representation

We defend individuals, including college students, charged with a wide range of

drug charges. Our firm handles the following misdemeanor or felony charges:

• Possession

• Sale or delivery

• Distribution

• Trafficking

• Manufacture or cultivation

Our extensive representation includes a wide range of controlled substances,


• Cannabis/marijuana

• Heroin

• Cocaine

• Methamphetamine (meth)

• OxyContin

• Oxycodone

• Vicodin

• Other prescription drugs

Serious Consequences

Illinois takes a tough stance on drug enforcement. Drug trafficking and other

charges carry up to 30 years in jail. There is often little opportunity to negotiate

lesser charges or other options. Additionally, a conviction can cause you to lose

your Firearm Owner's Identification card. Depending on your situation, the state

can also seize your property, including your:

• Home

• Car

• Boat

• Airplane

Our legal team provides thorough, aggressive defense. We evaluate every aspect

of your case. We review your arrest or any seizures to determine if proper

procedures were followed. If police officers or other law enforcement personnel

violate your civil rights, we will fight to get evidence suppressed and the charges

dismissed. We will evaluate your case thoroughly to determine if you


• Improper search or seizure

• Illegal stop and/or arrest

• Illegal vehicle searches

• Warrantless searches

• Miranda rule violations

• Improperly obtained confession/statements

We have extensive experience handling criminal trials, as well as criminal

appeals. We can also help to seal or expunge your criminal record or apply for a

pardon or commutation of sentence.

First 30 Minutes of Consultation Free

Our lawyers offer the first 30-minute of consultation free or charge. Call us Toll

Free at 855-217-6003 to set up an appointment. Or you may send us an e-mail.

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