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Experienced Trial Lawyers for Major Felony Charges

If you are accused of threatening violence, attacking someone or causing a

person's death, it is critical to have the right legal representation from the

beginning. The law firm of Schwulst & Roseberry, P.C., provides proven criminal

defense for those accused of assault, homicide or any crimes of violence.

We understand that a prison sentence is a very real possibility and that a

conviction for a major felony will shadow you for the rest of your life. We will

exhaust every defense and every opportunity to resolve your case, and we

prepare from day one to fight for your freedom at trial.

We represent the accused in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, and surrounding

counties of central Illinois. For a free half-hour initial consultation, call our office

at 309-807-0505 or 866-416-7876, or contact us online.

Illinois Aggravated Assault Lawyers · Defending the

Accused Since 1971

Attorney John P. Schwulst has defended thousands of people in his career,

including more than 3,000 clients facing serious felony charges. He has handled

every scenario and every level of violent crime, including capital murder. Contact

us to protect your rights if you are charged with:

• Theft, burglary or robbery

• Simple battery or assault

• Aggravated assault, domestic battery or aggravated battery

• Rape or aggravated sexual assault

• Hate crime or home invasion

• Kidnapping

• Manslaughter, murder or vehicular homicide

• Aggravated DUI or leaving the scene of an accident

• Violation of an order of protection (stalking or harassment)

• Terroristic threats or intimidation

Safeguarding Your Rights and Strategizing Your


While it is natural to want to cooperate with law enforcement officers and talk

with them, too many defendants harm their own defense by giving statements or

information to police, by consenting to warrantless searches or simply by waiving

their rights to a jury trial. Discussing your case with a lawyer before you speak

with law enforcement is highly recommended.

You need an experienced trial lawyer like John Schwulst or Todd Roseberry who

can provide a true defense for you. They have prevailed at trial and know how to

position you for the best possible outcome given the facts of your case. Our legal

team will work to get your charges dismissed or downgraded and aggressively

challenge the state's case at every step of the process.

Learn Your Rights Before It's Too Late

Nothing beats experience, especially if you are accused of a serious felony.

Contact our Bloomington-Normal violent crime defense lawyers for a free first

half-hour of consultation to determine if we can help. Call Toll Free 855-217-6003

or e-mail us and we will respond promptly.

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